I began painting the interior subtropical forest of coastal, southwest Florida after a visit to Cayo Costa Island in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida. The landscape I observed during that initial visit intrigued me and made a lasting impression.

The lush, tangled, seemingly limitless vegetation captured my imagination and in it I saw an opportunity to explore issues of the human experience and embody them in the imagery of nature.

This initial visit was in 1994 and to this date I remain mystified by ever changing sense of light and space. I developed a visual vocabulary that keeps changing as I continue to struggle with the depth, and light I observe and expression of them with invented color and hidden images.



Robert Bendt has been developing a series of subtropical landscapes since 1996.  A painter all his adult life, he has focused his attention primarily on his fascination with the sense and reality of the subtropical forest of Gulf Coast Florida.

But no matter the subject his images deal with the issues that fall somewhere between the mystique and the beauty and between what is seen and what is felt.

Trained at Rhode Island School of Design, Robert has exhibited at museums, universities and galleries throughout the United States.  He maintains a studio at St.James City, Pine Island, Florida and at Sharon, Massachusetts.



'"Robert's paintings, although depicting tropical settings, tell a story and draw you completely and deeply in.  His sense of wonder and mystery about this type of environment is obvious and you can't help but develop those feelings yourself.  Very moving, sometimes dark and brooding, Robert's body of work evokes a true human response."- Norma Urban, Fine Artist, owner of Artchitecturals, and Curator of the Blanche Ames National Art Exhibition.

“When you first view the work of Robert Bendt you quickly realize that his images are not exactly what they appear to be but instead they cause you to suspend your judgments.  They create layers of nuance that do not simplify but complicate." - Ralph Suede, art critic

"Robert’s artistic vision creates a magical, mystical, exotic world of unique wonders that emerge from the darkness.  It is original, significant and timeless." – Gary Slickman, Owner, Visions of Time, Natick, MA


2011 24th September Competition Exhibition
Alexandria Museum of Art

Alexandria, Louisiana
August 19, 2011 to October 1, 2011

Providence Art Club
11 Thomas Street
Providence, Rhode Island
July 5 thru July 22, 2011

Eight Visions
Attleboro Arts Museum
Attleboro, MA 
August 20 to October 1, 2010.

Highlands Museum of Art
Sebring, Florida  
February 20 to March 26, 2009  


Wild Child Gallery
4625 Pine Island Road NW
Matlacha, Florida

Vicki Glynn Gallery
6210 Scott Street
Punta Gorda, Florida

PH:  239-699-8930


Pricing of all artwork is available upon request.
Giclee prints are available

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